India e Islas Mauricio: Universidad como misión



Sabemos qué significa ser un estudiante cristiano en España. ¿Pero cómo debe estudiar en Malasia? ¿o en Nigeria, Chile, Noruega o EEUU? La mejor forma de imaginárselo es meterse de lleno en IFES: la comunidad internacional de estudiantes evangélicos de la que formamos parte también GBU España. Un dato curioso, IFES es la asociación estudiantil -de cualquier tipo- más grande del mundo, une a grupos en 159 países.

Las historias de 2 de estos países nos han impactado últimamente, muy parecidas. En ambas, universitarios o recién graduados deciden irse a estudiar o trabajar a otra región, con el objetivo de ayudar a otros cristianos a crecer en su misión. En otras palabras, jóvenes con mucha visión que cambian totalmente sus vidas para ser luz para Jesús en un contexto que no es el suyo.

Puedes leer los detalles sobre:

1. El caso de India.

2. El caso de las Islas Mauricio.

Si quieres seguir todas estas historias de otros estudiantes cristianos en el mundo, puedes unirte a todos los que ya están suscritos a la newsletter «Prayerline», aquí:


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  1. The world is made up of many fragments and puinllg all those fragments together into one cohesive element is what Jesus was all about: The enemy’ is trying to do the same ie; bring all of those fragments together into one cohesive element but his main element is hate not hope, although he does now and again pepper’ us with a little hope’ just to keep us happy! His religious’ hope has flaws in its compounds his fnancial hope is very flawed and leads many into despair and grief while blessing others with his glories; hope in and of family is breaking down at a fast rate of knots and leaving debris that the next generation will be clothed in’ and held captive by and with for years to come Medically speaking we see a rise in virus forms, more viralent types of disease and not the knowledge when its needed to clean in one fell swoop the cell breakdown and re-generation that brings a form of hades with its hope’ HOPE IN HELL is the enemys commission and remit: ie; With him living in and with his hope and the most of us taking the scraps he doesn’t want, which has us always bordering, and teetering on the hell side of life; which seems to please him in the fact that he allows it to linger and fester at his wills contentment:He brings us false prophets and witnesses to muddy the truth and sweet delights to wet out appetites AND THE WORD oh the word ! his magnificient creation that confuses, deceives, denies, calms, sullys and befits us with word action not heart action’ HOW I DESPISE HIMas he wraps his world around us and leads us home to his sickness.WHY GOD Do you use us like puppets to do your will FREE WILL is something we have to battle for but battle with integrity, respect, honour, and a knowing that we are right. Therefore get right’ ie: what are my motives, my agenda, my hopes when you have got rid of greed, anger, fury, the sick side of life and anything that would cloud your judgement, then you can begin to walk in a place of rightness’ not wrongness only then can you be affective over the wrongness’ of those judgements aganst you, those insults thrown at you, those threats that pervade, and that filth in the mind of his hope’ I won’t give up untill I have smacked him out of my life How about youLove yes I do, even him WHY because he is my enemy it just doesn’t mean that I have to put up with him’ and neither do you RIGHT

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