I shall rise again: what fire is unable to destroy




In the 17th century St Paul’s Cathedral in London suffered a devastating fire. During the rebuilding work they found an ancient stone with a word in Latin carved into it: Resurgam (I shall rise again).

The fire has destroyed a significant amount of material from Andamio and the GBU office, but it was unable to burn the most important, the precious material that motivates and permeates this work. Fire destroys but it also purifies. Fire destroys when one builds upon “wood, hay or straw”, but it purifies when one builds with “gold, silver and precious stones” (1 Cor. 3:12).

Since it was founded 50 years ago, GBU and Andamio have been dedicated to build with the most precious of materials: the centrality of the Word and the Cross of Christ. These materials cannot be destroyed by the fire, far from it, it makes them shine all the brighter. We are convinced that God will use this “test of fire” for a new rising for those in GBU and Andamio.

I remember well the meeting in Valencia back in 1977 when we chose the name “Andamio” (the English translation is “scaffolding”). It was not a humorous coincidence, rather it reflected the deep desire to create from GBU and its humble magazine a tool that would build up the people of God. What better “andamio” (“scaffolding”) than this?

I can give testimony that the men and women who have served and continue to serve in GBU “gave themselves first of all to the Lord, and then by the will of God also to us” (2 Cor. 8:5). Let us respond now with generosity in this time of testing so that those in GBU and Andamio can continue to be a solid scaffolding in God’s hands for the building up of His Church. Let us contribute to this “rising” as we support them in prayer and with our financial offerings.

What a great privilege it is to participate in the rebuilding of the “wall”! Yes, “we His servants will arise and build” (Nehemiah 2:20). It is by the power and grace of God that allows us to exclaim with every confidence: Resurgam. I shall rise again.


Pablo Martínez, Honorary President of GBU, Barcelona.



We have set up a fund to cover the costs which will be incurred over the next three months. Thank you for your help and support.

You can help through:


  • Banco La Caixa
    Titular: Grupos Bíblicos Unidos
    Número de cuenta: 2100 3465 22 220001 4304
    IBAN en formato electrónico: ES7521003465222200014304
    IBAN en formato papel: IBAN ES75 2100 3465 2222 0001 4304
    BIC (Código Internacional de Identificación Bancaria en el sistema SWIFT CAIXESBBXXX
    Concepto: “Reconstrucción oficina”




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